Patient safety is our priority

We know how important it is to ensure patient safety and, depending on the end use of the product, we follow different regulations.  We comply with EU regulations and with the directive on counterfeit and falsified medicines (2011/62/EU) to ensure pharma label safety. Each product has a serial number and must be sealed at all times. We also use low migration materials to make sure our clients are never exposed to any danger.

Product security & label change management

This market requires certifications, rigid operating procedures and specialized materials that can withstand demanding conditions and assure security of supply, quality consistency and change management procedures. Besides, introducing or replacing an existing product is a process that can take years and has to go through product approval.

Product Security

Changes in the packaging of pharmaceutical products can pose a risk to patient health and safety. This is why we work to protect consumers, ensure supply-chain security and support compliance for the packaging of prescription drugs and high-risk over the counter medicines. Pharma product security consists in ensuring:

  • Label security
  • Tamper evident labels
  • Anti-counterfeit labels
  • Supply chain security
  • Support compliance for packaging
  • Smart security

Label Change Management

To let the validation process begin according to the rules we give our clients a minimum of 6 months advance notice. Every label should contain patient information, secure printability, product maintenance, security of information, a description of the process and temperature storage information.


The industry has to be functional, serving the needs of the patient in the security, labeling and externalization process. Our premium offer focuses on regular coated papers and special materials for hangers, tamper-evident and luminescent adhesives, which resist in extremely harsh conditions, avoiding migration of additives to the product.

A matter of size

Quality must be built into each stage of the manufacturing process, covering all aspects of production, from raw materials, facility and equipment to training and staff hygiene.
Long-lasting adhesion, high cohesion, content consistent with the information on the label, optical tracer to ensure no tampering has occurred: this is what our products offer, regardless of their size and shape.

Small diameter vials

Labels for small diameter vials (e.g. PCR test, AP912 adhesive) are a solution for long and short-term applications and are usually applied to HDPE or PP surfaces. The self-adhesive film materials are used for the labeling of blood test vials and for pharmaceutical products accompanied by optical tracer adhesives.

Autoclave sterilization

Autoclave tape indicates whether a specific temperature has been reached, changing color after exposure to temperatures commonly used in sterilization processes, typically 121°C in a steam autoclave. It is a tape capable of resisting high humidity and adhering to the glass with high cohesion.

I.V. hangers

Suspension bottles built with high cohesion adhesives to ensure safety, designed for transfusion and infusion that must support the weight of the bottle. The printed label becomes a tool for hanging the IV thanks to its thickness.

Safety box for opening cardboard

A series of tamper-proof products designed in compliance with the European directive on counterfeit and falsified medicines (2011/62/EU). Each package must have a serial identification number and should be sealed to make any tampering attempts visible. The special adhesive, AP995, has been formulated to tear the cardboard packaging of the medicine in case of illegal damage.

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How to improve paper recycling and source sustainable related materials will be the main sustainability issue for pharma in the coming year. The idea is to foster a new working chain – made of recycled content (PPP) – where we recover part of the film to reuse the material back on the market, with 85% of the recycled content combined with other sustainable materials.

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