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Our self-adhesive papers can have a wide variety of applications in the office industry, for example:

    • Labeling folders
    • Logistics and warehousing
    • E-commerce
    • Personalized home labels
    • Any kind of information, instruction or warning that needs to be printed frequently and applied in the workplace

Moving information has never been easier

There is nothing quite like our self-adhesive product range in terms of adaptability because it’s perfectly suited for:

Excellent sheet planarity

Kraft paper liners combined with natural paper or film face materials make for better flatness in the conversion from roll to sheet, often to A4.

Office printers

The structure of these materials allows a single sheet, cut in the chosen format, to maintain perfect flatness even as it moves through an office printer, where it usually develops a lot of heat, maintaining a clear, high-quality look.

Office applications

These self-adhesive papers are used for labeling folders, creating continuous modules for printing many low-cost copies, pre-cut labels or any kind of information, instruction or warning that needs to be printed frequently and applied in the workplace.

Piggy‑back (Triplex) solution

A transparent polyester or glassine backing acts as the middle layer of a triplex construction designed for self-adhesive labels, where a first layer can be detached and then applied to another surface. This solution is ideal for the logistics and transport sectors, for mail delivery or for points cards.

The future lies in recycling

In an industry where technology must meet pragmatism, digital printing models are becoming increasingly relevant for the present and the future. We are currently experiencing a transition to digital printing methods with the industry on a path towards fully recycled film materials made from fibers, in line with FSC™ certification.

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