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Our R&D department is committed to testing the latest technology in order to create increasingly high-performance security products that represent state-of-the-art, anti-counterfeiting technological innovation, and guarantee the authenticity of luxury products and brands.

Solutions built around your needs

The need to protect the authenticity and integrity of products, as well as to safeguard the brand from counterfeits and imitations is increasingly felt by different sectors:

Fashion & Luxury clothing

Each garment incorporates elements of research, beauty and craftsmanship. Differentiate your tags with holographic elements and your envelopes with tamper-evident solutions.

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Jewelry and watches

Authenticity and uniqueness are a fundemental characteristic of an icon luxury. We help purchasers certify their products with delaminating labels for shoppers and holographic solutions for diamond certificates.

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Fine food

Protect the originality and integrity of the expression of local and exotic cusine and certified raw materials, as well as ingredients. Exploit ultra-destructible technology on labels and use holographic materials on your packaging.

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Wine & Spirits

The taste of quality wines and spirits is a narration transformed into ceremony. It’s a question of transparency along the supply chain, starting with a holographic label that grants its origins and UV-visible fibres materials to certify tax bands.

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The marketing of a drug can occur only after registration with authorized agencies. Avoid dangerous products that bare false indications using tamper-evident solutions on boxes and UV-visible fibres materials for labels.

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Beauty and fragrances

Only the know-how of brands can guarantee quality ingredients and a certified production chain for high-end cosmetics. You can grant autenticity to your packaging of perfumes or beauty products with holographic and ultra-destructible materials.

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High‑tech components and electronic devices

Conceiving, designing, creating: the possibility of recognizing an original product must be clear and intuitive. Rely on ultra-destructible materials for your industrial components and delaminating or UV-visible fibers for your electronic products.

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Cultural heritage

In the artistic field, authenticity of work is fundamental for determining its value. Besides the opinion of experts, the establishment of authenticity is also achieved with delaminating solutions that certify compliance with required characteristics.

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Documents and postals

In everyday relations between citizens of the world, documents and security printed products such as passports, postage stamps, revenue stamps and visa are critical. We offer self-adhesive solutions for those essential pieces of documentation.

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Responsibility comes from our choices

Our dedication to sustainability starts with our efforts to reduce waste, water usage and emissions during the entire production process. We control the whole production chain internally, guaranteeing traceability and reliability in our materials. In addition we have ISO 14001 system certification, and FSC™ and PEFC product certifications.

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