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When it comes to promotional or branding applications, needs can vary greatly. Whether you require a long-term resistant solution for vehicle wrapping to enhance your brand identity, or a short-term, easy to remove, self-adhesive material to decorate your shop windows during a promotional sale, we have what you are looking for. For any application you may need or imagine.

Indoor and outdoor

Displays, billboards, wall graphics or totems: our materials for these applications are very easy to apply and guarantee clean removal. When used outdoors, they are an impactful way of communicating and engaging with people in transit. They can also be applied indoors, mainly to decorate panels, glass surfaces and walls at points of sale, catching the customers’ attention.


The importance of lamination films

Why is it important to protect printed graphics? To preserve the print from color aging and to avoid deterioration or damage. Lamination films make the difference in protecting your graphics, particularly for outdoor displays. We also have graffiti-protection films and films that repel paint, oil and grease, making them suitable for historic sites, gas stations, waiting rooms or elevators.

Our lamination films are designed specifically to protect the print from deterioration due to UV rays, to extend durability, and also to improve the aesthetics of printed materials by providing special finishes.

Floors, windows, walls

Ideal for short-term use and as an effective way to communicate on all surfaces that surround us. In our range for promotional use you will also find materials with sustainable features, such as non-PVC based films. Decorate floors, windows and walls with our self-adhesive solutions, and elevate your communication.


Point of sale, exhibitions and events

Get your communication noticed with totems, panels, displays and all the possibile applications, including windows, walls and floors, with our easy to apply and remove range of polymeric and monomeric vinyl films.


Transport and vehicles

A complete range of easy-to-use, self-adhesive solutions for all types of vehicles: private, commercial, fleet, caravan, emergency, public security, public transport and recreational. Suitable for short, medium or long-term applications on flat or slightly curved, irregular and even on extremely curved surfaces, or in the presence of concave areas or rivets, our products adapt to every situation.


Illuminated signs

Add a modern touch to your signs by making them visible at night as well as during the day.


Featured materials

    • Monomeric films
    • Polymeric films
    • Cast films
    • Non-PVC films
    • One-way vision films
    • Polyester films
    • Static cling films
    • Anti-stain, anti-graffiti, anti-bacterial films

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