There is a solution for every possible application

Our self-adhesive films can be used for all common large format printing techniques, such as digital inkjet printing with solvent, eco-solvent, UV gel, UV or latex inks to meet all market expectations. Our Ri-Jet materials stand out for their high performance in the printing phase, as well as their versatility and efficiency in any type of application.

Outdoor advertising

Displays, posters, wall graphics, totems… Our self-adhesive materials for outdoor applications are designed to help you reach large numbers of people in traffic and enhance your communication, both for temporary campaigns and for longer-term branding applications.

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Indoor advertising

Make your message or your brand stand out indoors with totems, panels, shop windows, floors, walls in retail outlets, exhibitions, events and any other indoor application you can think of. Our monomeric and polymeric vinyl films can be easily applied and also removed when necessary, without leaving any residue.

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Shop windows

When used indoors, you can attract the attention of customers by decorating panels, glass surfaces and walls in retail outlets.

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Decorate vertical surfaces such as walls, plasterboard or panels with our solutions and take your communication to the next level. The linen- or sand-effect face materials look like real wall surfaces and give the graphics an even more pronounced appearance.

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Perfect applications for communication, making the most of the floor space around us, and for short to medium term use. In combination with the appropriate laminates, the applied graphic is certified slip resistant.

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Transport and vehicles

Easy to use materials that are perfect for all types of vehicles: private, commercial, fleet, emergency, security and public transport, leisure and many more. Our self-adhesive solutions can be adapted to different types of durations and surfaces, from flat to irregular, curved and concave areas.

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Our range for digital printing


Solutions for large-format, short-term advertising printing. For the decoration of indoor and outdoor environments depending on the different levels of adhesion, from very high to ultra-removable.


These solutions are available with water or solvent based adhesives, suitable for advertising printing and medium to long term branding applications, both indoors and outdoors.


High-performance self-adhesive materials for even long-term applications. Specially designed for branding, large format advertising and commercial vehicle decoration.

Ultra transparent

Highly transparent materials for short to long-term applications on glass and shop windows. With ultra-clear solvent-based adhesives, enabling you to create an interplay of transparencies between materials and printed graphics.

PVC‑free films

A choice of next-generation PVC alternative products for large format digital printing. The high quality of printing is coupled with a more responsible approach to the choice of materials used for decoration.

Adhesive Dot

The special dotted adhesive distribution of these materials makes them easy and fast to apply, even for inexperienced users. For short-term applications.

Microperforated films

One-way vision microperforated film for application on transparent surfaces. This allows the printed graphic to be seen from the outside without preventing anyone inside a means of transport or a building from seeing the outside.


Materials featuring adhesives for low surface tension plastic applications (PE, PP, ABS).

Illuminated signage

Translucent materials that, when backlit, highlight the printed image on the substrate, so that it can also be seen at night or in low light conditions.


Make your advertising visible even at night, thanks to our reflective materials which, when illuminated by the headlights of a car, look as if it were daylight.

Why is it so important to protect graphics?

To prevent the print from deteriorating and colours from fading. When it comes to protecting graphics, especially when they are exposed outdoors, it is the laminates that make the difference.

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Revolutionising short‑term indoor advertising

F-Jet Natural Fibers is a self-adhesive made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper that reshapes the large format printing materials landscape. Tailored for retail needs, like point of sale displays, window decoration, and indoor panels, it ensures seamless application and removal, thanks to its ultra-removable acrylic adhesive. This media has been proven to successfully work on window, cardboards, Alubond and Forex

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