Brand protection

Aimed at providing 360° security solutions to protect products for commercial printers and brand owners.

Government and postal

Aimed at security printers and government agencies, focusing on solutions for postage and revenue stamps, visa stamps and other institutional needs.

A tailor‑made approach

The Group’s expertise combines flexibility and infinite possibilities for customized solutions that perfectly adapt to the specific needs of the application sector.

The originality and exclusivity of a product is a direct extension and reflection of a brand, highlighting its quality and prominence. Those key elements are among the reasons for a customer’s choice in purchase and result in brand loyalty.

The expertise of our R&D department

Our R&D department is committed to developing innovative new products and customized security solutions with sustainability top of mind.
As the leading sector benchmark for technological innovation, we have the production knowledge and capability to offer solutions that cross over all security levels from forensic to semi-covert and overt security features.

Brand protection has a name: Fedrigoni Self‑Adhesives

To offer you all the best levels of protection, we have selected high performing materials and combined them with different security features.

Explore our wide range of security products to find the perfect one for you.

UV Fibers

These anti-counterfeiting elements can be added to the paper pulp randomly or in a precise arrangement. In natural or synthetic material, the fibres can be either colored and therefore visible in natural light or UV-fluorescent.

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Void products show clear signs of tampering when removed from the item or product they have been applied to. Void labels leave a design or text on the substrate and are impossible to reposition once removed. Available in different colors, the design of our void materials can be personalized according to client requirements.

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Ultra‑distructible materials 

These products have “ultra-distructible” properties, making them very difficult to remove. Once the label is applied, it breaks in the event of attempted removal, leaving evidence of tampering. Available in white and clear versions.

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Tamper-evident labels printed on delamination materials are a powerful deterrent to theft and relabeling as they delaminate when removed. Security elements can be added on demand.

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Products, specifically designed to tear the cardboard where the seal is applied in the event of attempted removal, leaving evidence of tampering. These materials can be applied to pharmaceutical products, in full compliance with the European Directive on counterfeit and falsified pharmaceuticals (2011/62/EU).

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Holographs are powerful allies in security labeling and can be personalized. A tailored holographic solution design can feature micro-and nano-text, laser-activated information and other hidden details.

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Serving institutions and governments

We provide security solutions for products widely used by state agencies, to effectively combat forgery, fraud and counterfeiting, in compliance with the strictest standards. Our offer includes passport visas, tax, revenue and postage stamps, and we can also create customized solutions.

Our governmental solutions

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