We are global

Our worldwide production footprint and our international organization allow us to be present and serve our customers where they want, when they want. We are proud to be a global brand that makes its ability to adapt products and services to different cultures and countries one of its strengths, while maintaining consistency and competitiveness on a global scale.

The market is moving quickly and we're following right behind

In a market where consumer dynamics are constantly moving and have been irreversibly impacted by the recent changes, our products meet our customers’ priorities. Our products can be found on:

  • Floor cleaners
  • Detergents
  • Soaps
  • Disinfectants
  • Deodorants

Leave no trace

Following a global drive towards packaging that allows more effective recycling and materials that facilitate access to reuse platforms, our attention is focused on products that combine CSR and innovation, for a reduction of process waste and total recycling. Our solutions include:


The RI-Move PET line guarantees the upcycling of PET containers that combine a highly effective transparent look with the recyclability required by the circular economy.

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Core Linerless Solutions®

No more liner waste with our Core Linerless Solutions®. Reducing waste from the labeling process is possible thanks to this technology, that eliminates liner disposal and reduces reel replenishments.

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Global Flex

A range of film-based materials that are 40% lighter and thinner compared to the PE standard for squeezable container labels. Lighter materials means a higher number of labels per reel, thereby increasing the productivity of each roll and consequently reducing the environmental impact.

Refill is the new trend 

The refill packaging option will become increasingly popular in the future. There will be more demand for labels that allow the effective reuse of packaging, while maintaining competitiveness in price, recyclability and optimizing volumes, and at the same time respect the environment.

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Open & Close

Guaranteeing excellent transparency, clean removal without residues, high tear-resistance and conformability, while maintaining the high visual appeal of the brand on the packaging: this is our Open & Close offer.

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