The beautiful materials we do for gourmet food

Labels should also be a treat for the eyes, especially when it comes to gourmet food.  Be inspired by our exclusive premium paper offer, thanks to the synergy with Fedrigoni Special Papers.

Look at a beautifully crafted food label and be transported into a luxury dimension.

Our commitment to food safety

Ensuring the absence of migration of any substances in the food is a major priority in all cases where the self-adhesive label has to be applied directly to food, such as on the skin of fruit.

Our self-adhesive solutions are designed for both direct and indirect contact with food, fulfiling FDA requirements, complying with European regulations EU 10/2011 and EC 1935/2004, as well as being ISEGA-certified.

Food industry trends

Ready to eat

The range of single-portion packaged foods has constantly increased. Our self-adhesive solutions are combined with trays and containers that contain the types of meals usually found in the refrigerated sections of supermarkets and heated in microwave ovens.


Interact directly with the consumer with a customised packaging. This trend makes it possible to create labels – thanks to today’s digital printing techniques – which become real and fully customisable artistic collectibles.

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Open and Close

Range of self-adhesive materials designed for all types of “open-and-close” packages. Resealable labels are the best and easiest way to maintain the freshness of dry packed products over time, whether they are cereals or pasta.

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Discover our products to label food packaging

Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives materials are suitable for various applications and adhere easily on different substrates, even the most challenging ones. From solutions with polypropylene, polyethylene or polyester films to coated paper, or direct food contact materials: find the right option to achieve the perfect look for your food labels.


By uniting the filmic labelling materials and packaging with compatible compostable properties, we facilitate a seamless transition from use to reuse, aligning with our dedication to developing products designed for an optimal end of life.

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Bio‑based films

Made from recycled oil waste, this range comprises PP and PE films, all sourced from renewable materials. At the end of their life cycle, these films can seamlessly join existing polyolefin recycling streams.

Refrigerated, frozen, deep‑frozen

Foods stored in supermarket freezers require self-adhesive materials to create labels that can be used on packaging such as bags, shrink wrap or vacuum packs. Labels are applied at sub-zero temperatures, as in the case of fish or meat packages in the fresh food section of supermarkets.

Direct Food

Paper and film materials suitable for direct contact with food: all the adhesives we use comply with current regulations in terms of “food contact”, thus ensuring maximum safety and eliminating any risk of contamination and transfer of the adhesive onto the food itself.




Pasteurisation is a process that usually takes place after the product has been labelled. The sudden changes in temperature and humidity do not alter the quality or legibility of the labelling materials whatsoever, which remains intact and adheres to the package.


Full wrap

Full wrap labels are a very important aspect of packaging design for the food industry: they are used to provide full coverage around the product packaging, thus providing ample space for information, branding and visual appeal.

Thermal printing

Self-adhesive thermal print media are used to create short-term labels with variable data. Typically used in supermarkets, fruit and vegetable departments, are available with a matt white finish to avoid annoying reflections, or they may be transparent for application on any type of packaging.

Materials for thermal printing

Irregular surfaces and HDPE

Self-adhesive materials able to adapt perfectly to any packaging with uneven or rough surfaces. Egg packaging is a classic example of this, for which a defibrated self-adhesive material is used together with heavy-duty hot melt adhesive to allow the label to fill in the irregularities of the surface and thus ensure optimal adhesion.


Flexible and compressible packaging

The line of self-adhesive flexible packaging materials, which must be squeezed to be used (such as mayonnaise tubes or toppings for sweets), consists of flexible and resistant solutions which are able to adapt to containers of different shapes.


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Greaseproof labels require the right anti stain materials.

Fruit tags: support the weight of the entire fruit package, while acting as a handle.

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