Prime papers

We guarantee excellent printability, technological innovation and high-performance adhesives to serve the sectors that need particularly appealing labels, without sacrificing sustainability.

Uncoated papers

The optimal choice for all printing requirements: a series of high quality, uncoated paper with good ink absorption, smudge resistance and excellent bonding with toners, providing high print-image quality and toner key.

Coated papers

Coated adhesive paper materials featuring different thicknesses and gloss levels, superior chemical resistance and ink absorption for sharper and brighter print images.

Colored papers

Eye-catching colored labels for promotional purposes as well as for hazard, safety and identification labels in the logistics and industrial fields. Created to provide maximum optical impact.

Metallized papers

Self-adhesive paper materials for sophisticated, metallized labels, used extensively on a wide range of products. Attractive and bright with gold, silver or elegant matt finishings to make any product stand out on the shelf.

Direct thermal printable papers

Self-adhesive paper materials ideal for labels used for food, mail, retail and logistics purposes. Our range can offer both protected and unprotected materials, suitable for different needs and conditions.

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Thermal transfer printable papers

A popular solution for variable information labeling. Our range of materials offers a higher resistance to scratches, UV rays and humidity, and ultimate bar code readability.

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