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Ri-Mark is our range of coloured self-adhesive materials specifically for plotter cutters. This range includes films in a wide variety of colours and finishes, suitable for short-, medium- or long-term applications and for indoor or outdoor use. These materials are mainly applied on flat surfaces, such as shop windows, walls or panels, and are ideal for decorative, promotional or informational applications.

Decoration of shop windows and panels

Bring new visual appeal to glass surfaces or panels with our gloss, luminous or metallic effect films.

You can also make your brand stand out by applying self-adhesive material to illuminated signs of any shape and size to make the image more visible, even at night.

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Make your vehicle fleet communicate

Our plotter cutter range also includes solutions for vehicle customisation, which can also be decorated for promotional purposes. Our materials are highly adaptable and can be applied to any type of vehicle (car, train, tram, bus) and easily removed without leaving residues and without damaging the original paintwork.

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Our plotter cutter ranges

Ri‑Mark Platinum

A choice of ultra-bright colours, with extremely long-lasting external stability and a range of high-performance adhesives, both in terms of adhesion and versatility of application.

Ri‑Mark Optima

Self-adhesive materials to make your brand stand out in indoor and outdoor environments. A comprehensive range of colours to customise company vehicles, shop windows and signage.

Ri‑Mark Etched Glass

Carefully crafted products designed to give glass surfaces a satin finish, giving the effect of frosted glass and bringing light into an interior space, without sacrificing privacy.

Ri‑Mark Translucent

Our translucent coloured vinyl films can be used for illuminated signs of all shapes and sizes. They also provide uniform light diffusion in backlit signs or shop windows.

Ri‑Mark Transparent

Transparent materials for the decoration of glass surfaces without sacrificing visibility through glass and graphics.

Ri‑Mark Gemstone

Cast materials with a shiny metallic effect, ideal for decorating any surface or for highlighting graphical details.

Ri‑Mark Event

Vinyl films for short term communication campaigns, both indoors and outdoors.

Special applications

The Ri-Mark range is supplemented by a selection of materials for special applications requiring high visibility, such as photoluminescent films for security signs or masking films.

Application Tape

The different types of application tape included in this range can be used to facilitate the application of pre-spaced graphics.

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