Messages that make a long‑lasting impression

The strength of a promotional message also lies in its appearance. The entire Ri-Screen range stands out for its excellent printability and its vinyl films that are highly receptive to inks, producing a more intense, longer-lasting and resistant end result, without the need for laminating.

So flat that the printing process will go as smooth as silk

The perfect flatness of these self-adhesive sheets means there is nothing in the way, saving you time and resources and allowing you to concentrate on your business goals.
A distinguishing feature of our Ri-Screen materials is their perfectly even and flat surfaces. Why is this so important? To ensure speed, a high and constant level of quality and maximum efficiency of the automation systems in the printing stage.

Our range for screen printing

Monomeric films

Materials designed for short-term application on flat surfaces. With a good flatness, they are the ideal choice for screen printing with traditional, solvent and UV inks.

Polymeric films

Do you need a material for long-term application or that resists under extreme conditions? Then this is the range for you, thanks to an adhesive that adapts perfectly to the coarse surfaces produced by industrial varnishes. It is also available in AirFlow versions to make application on large-scale graphics easier.

Phthalate‑free films

These materials, which offer different levels of adhesion from extra-strong to removable, are suitable for the production of toy labels, due to their absence of phthalates. For short- to medium-term applications.

Photoluminescent films

These films can light up a sign even in complete darkness, ideal for security signage or decorative applications. Thanks to this material’s properties, these films can shine in the darkness and maintain their brightness for up to 10 hours. For long-term applications.


Aluminium is a synonym of durability. Our aluminium sheet materials, which come with a screen-printable coating, come in either a matt or glossy finish. Ideal for making informative labels that last up to 10 years.

Mirror films

Highly decorative self-adhesive materials, available in gold or silver. Made of polyester or rigid vinyl film (PVC), they are suitable for medium-term indoor and outdoor applications.

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