Dedicated to designers all over the world

With a production capacity of approximately 400 million m2 and a total area of ​​40,000 m2, we guide designers and label printers from all over the world in choosing the right materials and the best finishes, whether for wines, craft beers, high-end cosmetics or fashion.

Our materials are not only designed to be beautiful, but also to remain perfect in the most adverse conditions, such as during sudden changes in temperature, in the fridge or on contact with ice.

A trend‑setter in the world of labels

Sometimes it seems the market gives us a choice between high-value products or the perception of a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly brand.
Manter ticks both these boxes. We provide a diverse selection of labeling options and are considered to be trend-setters for the directions the market will take. We also provide training and ad hoc tools to help you with your designs.

The inspiration you were looking for

Let our new products, and our old favorites, inspire you.

Wine, Spirits & Craft Beers



Beauty & Personal Care