Perfectly invisible

Ri-Mount Ultracrystalline is our range of double-sided adhesive films with extreme transparency, specially developed to provide excellent graphics. These products are ideal when it comes to preserving the colours and sharpness of images, such as in high-quality applications in fashion window displays or in photo prints on Plexiglas.

A double‑sided adhesive for every occasion

Our double-sided adhesive mounts meet the strictest requirements in terms of durability, visual quality and resistance over time. These are essential factors when the image is the centre of attention, such as in museums, photo galleries, trade fairs and events.
If you need to change the mounting often, you can find your perfect solution with a single-sided or double-sided permanent self-adhesive. Always perfectly removable.

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Our double‑sided adhesive series

Ultra‑transparent polypropylene carrier

Adhesive application solutions for high quality graphics thanks to an invisible mount, which makes them especially suited for glass. The double-sided structured adhesive backing offers clean removability and high water resistance.

Polyethylene (PET) backing

These double-sided and transparent adhesive films are specially designed to provide perfect adhesion of visual material to non-adhesive opaque surfaces, with or without colour. The adhesive composite, which has excellent mechanical strength, makes them water resistant and easy to remove.

Paper carrier

Adhesive backings made of white covering paper, ideal for indoor use. These are extremely versatile and can be hand-cut to the desired size. The adhesive strength is specifically designed to allow rapid replacement of the visual material.

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