Material science and packaging sustainability expertise 

Our industry-leading experts work together with you to identify sustainable opportunities.
Reduce, reuse, recycle are some of the keywords for our sustainable approach and effort in developing environmentally friendly solutions. RI-Move is our series of paper and film materials specifically designed for the labeling of containers or bottles, making the recycling of the packaging easier. Discover the RI-Move PET range for a circular economy; clean, fast and easy recycling of PET containers and RI-Move Glass for quick reuse of glass bottles without any label residues.

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Make your product outstanding

Touch and feel our prime papers, be dazzled by the brilliance of our metalized films and shiny effect papers, caress the elegance of our unique Soft Touch lamination. What story do you want to tell? Let your products speak to consumers through their labels. With our large selection of prime papers and film-based materials, at Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives we can help you provide a unique product packaging experience, from the shelves of a store to e-commerce.

Discover our Shiny range

A large selection of papers and films with metalized effects, suitable for every kind of application and budget. Discover the Shiny range and let your label speak to consumers in surprising ways.

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Find out more about Soft Touch

Add a touch of elegance and originality to your products with our one-of-a-kind Soft Touch lamination, created to be applied to any type of label, including clear ones. Find out more.

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Find the best for you

Choose the look for your label and attract customers with different visual and tactile effects. In our product offer you can find various possibilities, from PP gloss films for the perfect “no-label look”, showing the irresistible clarity and freshness of the product’s content through the bottle, to gloss and matte coated papers.

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