Long‑lasting solutions

Wherever a challenging industrial application is needed, we have a solution.

Resistance and durability are the key characteristics of our range of products.

Labels for warnings

Labels containing information or warnings require record-breaking adhesion and resistance as they are usually applied outdoors or in tough environments.

Materials for batteries

High-performing self-adhesives that can withstand heat on the surface of batteries.

UL‑recognized products

Polyester, self-adhesive materials for the creation of labels recognized by the UL 969 standard, that is synonymous with safety and quality, are generally required in the electrical, household appliance and automotive industries.

Applications for inner motors

The high temperatures reached inside car engines require a self-adhesive labeling material that can withstand the heat and perform even in the presence of oil or grease. Find out more about other solutions for the automotive industry, in compliance with the IATF 16949 certification.

Guaranteeing safety and compliance

The presence of UL-recognized products and the IATF certification confirms our credibility as a solid partner for covering your needs in this industry, where safety comes first.

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Shiny Range

Find out how to add brilliance to your packaging and how to make your products stand out with our series of Shiny Range metallic films and papers.

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