RI‑MOVE PET: virtuous and certified recycling for PET Circular Economy

RI-MOVE PET’s AR842 adhesive is designed to detach cleanly from PET flakes allowing polypropylene label fragments to float in the hot alkaline bath during the industrial washing, as required by the industrial PET recycling processes. The PET fragments, now clean and residue-free, can be used in a PET bottle-to-bottle recycling process.

RI‑MOVE GLASS: reusable packaging

The right solution for reusable glass containers.
Thanks to the AR816, WR40 and RH-4000 adhesive technologies combined with film or paper face materials, the RI-MOVE Glass series ensures the label can be quickly washed off from the bottle without leaving any residue. These adhesives have been designed to remain adherent to the label without contaminating the hot alkaline bath.

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