Make your label speaks to consumers

The competition between brands on shop and supermarkets shelves gets fiercer every day. It is imperative to attract customer interest as quickly as possible, but a strong brand name does not always guarantee success. Labels and packaging have become an optimum way of conveying quickly a lot of information as well as attracting the attention of an often distracted and busy consumer.  Labels must not only “dress products” but must also “speak to consumers”, surprising and dazzling them.

A shiny solution for all applications

The Shiny range has been created with all budgets and applications in mind, even the toughest ones, and to keep labels’ brilliance unaltered in time. Different types of labels can be created for diverse sectors, from wine and spirits to top range cosmetics or soft drinks, from home and personal care products to labels for squeezable and conformable containers.

Dedicated to wine, spirits & craft beers

A wide range of papers combined with aluminium top coated foil and metallized paper obtained by vacuum evaporation, silver and gold, with glossy and matt finishes. Optimal adhesion guaranteed even in conditions of low temperatures and high humidity.
The majority of papers in this collection are FSC™ certified.


Dedicated to gourmet food

An almost infinite series of papers and films with silver and gold shades to highlight all the culinary delicacies on the gastronomic scene. Unique and highly technological constructions to satisfy any type of application in the high-end gourmet food sector, where the label embodies the luxuriousness of the product and conveys its value.


Dedicated for beauty and personal care

Papers laminated with gloss silver aluminium foils and versatile, metallized polyethylene and polypropylene films. Add a sophisticated silver effect to shampoo bottles, creams with Smart Shiny, a polyethylene film that perfectly combines convenience and brilliance. It is the perfect solution to dazzle the consumer, with affordable results.


Dedicated to soft drinks and water

A range of paper and films that can be applied onto the most diverse types of glass and PET bottles as well as containers for soft drinks and water. Vodkas, gins, tonics, saline supplements for sports, energy drinks and mineral water in glass will look even more refreshing to the consumer.


Dedicated for durable applications

For each application there is a critical issue to be resolved, such as exposure to challenging environments or continuous stresses. This range performs greatly under any condition and includes also products to create polyester labels recognized by the UL 969 standard for the labeling of electrical products, household appliances and in the automotive sector.


Next generation Shiny solutions

Core Linerless Solutions® silver

A self-adhesive laminated label without liner. The process begins with a self-adhesive thin construction (polypropylene with siliconized polyester multifunctional smart liner), printed using traditional methods and converted by a specific process, resulting in a reel of laminated labels ready to be easily dispensed on products using a linerless labeling machine.



A series of self-adhesive materials developed to meet both the strict requirements for recycling and reuse of glass and PET containers as well as the needs of the customers.



Globalflex is a high quality and versatile solution where labels are applied to shaped and squeezable containers. The bi-oriented ultra thin polyolefin face material combines high flexibility and technical performance, in terms of printability, die cutting, compression capacity and visual impacts of products. With a considerably reduced thickness, the resulting advantages are innumerable: from reduced environmental impact, to a greater number of labels per reel.

PE Smart Shiny

A silver metallic polyethylene film for the creation of labels with high visual impact, ideal on flexible containers in the personal care, cosmetic and food sectors. PE Smart Shiny represents a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to the traditional metallized polyethylene films. The innovative manufacturing process behind this product allows us to use less material, which means a drastic reduction in raw material consumption as well as a significant decrease of CO2 emissions into the environment.

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