A brand new tactile experience

The experience of consumers is no longer guided exclusively by the visual look of the label but also by a tactile factor: a multi-sensory experience that conjures up feelings of calmness and well-being, along with elegance and refinement. All sensations that are closely linked to the world of luxury packaging, in which the sophistication and finesse of the materials used, are fundamental to convey the correct message to consumers.

Conceived and developed by our R&D department, the reduced thickness and milky transparency makes it possible to create a “velvet” effect on labels of any color.

Laminate combinations can be achieved with any type of film or paper substrate, with a white, transparent or metal finish, also ensuring excellent printing with today’s printing techniques.

Soft Touch is also particularly suitable on matt effect packaging, since it allows it to maintain the same visible aesthetic aspect, while providing an enjoyable tactile experience, giving a uniform and homogeneous softness to the entire surface of the label, with a pleasant velvety touch including on printed areas.

Make the most of soft touch

This lamination can be combined with a “clear on clear” label and applied to packaging with decal sticker printing on the back. If a shower gel, shampoo or body cream -for example- is used in a very humid or wet environment, the Soft Touch laminated label becomes clear and creates a “window”: this will surprise the consumer with a new message in the internal decal, which was invisible till then.

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Add a touch of elegance and originality to your products with our one-of-a-kind Soft Touch lamination, created to be applied on whatever type of label, even on clear on clear ones. Find out more.

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