i‑label: the future of smart labeling

The expertise of 6 leading partners in innovation and development has been harnessed for “i-label”, the smart packaging project that will design a state-of-the-art intelligent label capable of communicating with consumers.

Innovation you can believe in

The focus of smart labels is to reduce the environmental impact of packaging: an issue that is of current public and collective interest.
It is also for this reason that the Italian Lombardy Region has chosen to support the i-Label project by assigning it the third place in the ranking of the “Call Hub Research and Innovation” call for tenders, financed with the funds from the POR FESR 2014-2020.

Find out more on the Lombardy Region’s website

More information, more benefits for customers

Smart consumers have become accustomed to reading labels. With the development of smart labels, it will be possible to access information and services that were unthinkable until now, such as checking the origin of the product or confirming if the package has been opened.

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