A mono‑material approach

Whether for personal use, cleaning surfaces or for animals, wet wipes are hygiene products that are undergoing a very dynamic development. However, let us not forget that we must get rid of the enormous amount of mixed plastic packaging that these products create: the packaging itself, the label, the protective seal, the rigid “open and close” lid, etc. A significant mixture of materials that are difficult and costly to separate and recycle.
Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives has made a firm decision to produce mono-material packaging and in collaboration with Amcor Flexibles, it has developed a thinner and light packaging that can be easily eliminated from the supply chain.

A unique and patented closure system

The combination of new materials for semi-rigid labels with our patented multi-layer “open and close” label makes this a unique offer on the market. Just like a rigid plastic lid, this label stays open during use, which makes removing the product from the packaging easier. What’s more, with just one label, there are less raw materials involved than in a standard packaging: an innovative solution that responds to the increasing demand for sustainable products.

The solution for all types of wet wipes

Personal hygiene, cleaning household objects and surfaces and our pets are more important than ever before. The constant increase in the demand of hygienic and anti-bacterial wet wipes confirms this trend. This patented mono-material solution can be used for exactly the same applications as our standard line of products for wet wipes, however it has a greater impact because it makes recycling easier for the end user.


  • Household wipes
  • Hand wipes
  • Baby wipes
  • Make-up remover wipes
  • Animal wipes

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