The New In catalogue has arrived: a journey through creativity, circularity and innovation

A collection of Manter’s new premium self-adhesive papers is now available in our latest sample book, ‘The New In’. Not just a catalogue, but much more: a treasure trove of collaborations and a precious booklet with inspirational premium labels created by six Spanish designers to narrate the theme of journey.


A concept that represents Manter’s world: the journey of product evolution towards an increasingly responsible and innovative approach, the journey as part of the Fedrigoni Group with ambitious goals related to sustainability and growth, and the journey told through the eyes of each of the designers who have been able to enhance the expressive potential of each individual paper used.


– Bulldog Studio: interpreted the journey with the design of a sparkling wine label, thinking of the time zones separating the different countries: a lunar clock narrated through overlapping layers of labels and a coordinated neck material.
– Pablo Guerrero: ancient maps on paper evoke the journey to a destination. Yew’s Path is a white wine label that exudes refinement and elegance, an almost mythical map made of overlapping labels and gold stamping details.
– Supperstudio: takes inspiration from the 1910 film Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines‘ to take us on a journey into a fantasy world with three red wines. Different labels, Banana Speed, High Wheels and Fish and Furious, with ingenious, absurd and surrealist designs created on our circular Re-Play solution and the new Cotone Essenza.
– Maba: a journey through a time tunnel with our 100% recycled papers for the label of this gin. Inspired by the story of Ero, who went for a walk and came back after what he thought was a few minutes but turned out to be 300 years. The time tunnel is depicted on the label where Ero seems to fall and then reappears on the back label.
– Javier Garduño: along the unique textures of our alternative fibres, the flight of the bee takes place, embracing the packaging of a honey. A journey that draws attention to the impact that every single action has on the environment.
– CabelloXMure: the inflorescence of the olive tree intersected with the map of an underground: a journey made of time, experience and introspection, using alternative fibres with greaseproof treatment. The fluorescent ink that activates in the dark evokes the landscape seen through an aeroplane window at night, representing our aspirations.



Are you curious to have these inspirations in your hands for your next project?