The exclusive Paint Protection Film has arrived: protect your vehicle from scratches and abrasions

Vehicle bodywork is often subject to abrasion caused by debris and weathering.
The new Ri-Wrap PPF (Paint Protection Film) launched by Fedrigoni not only protects car paintwork but is also capable of self-repairing, eliminating scratches on the surface and, for the first time in an exclusive version on the market, self-repairing even at room temperature.
It is a self-adhesive polyurethane wrapping film available in two versions:
  • PREMIUM: the material repairs itself when heated to 40°C
  • ULTIMATE: a unique solution on the market that repairs itself at room temperature, in most cases within a couple of minutes.
The special technical characteristics of Ri-Wrap PPF mean that dust does not adhere to the material as well as residues caused by insects or chemicals, preserving a clean and elegant look for any bodywork.
Both products conform well to surfaces with simple curves and are easy and clean to remove: product life is 10 years for the Ultimate version and 8 years for the Premium version.