With Greaseproof you can avoid

  • Dark paper, or white paper covered in dark inks – that used to be the preferred way to try and cover stains.
  • A plastic film that would make the product look cheaper.

We offer labels produced with valuable impermeable materials, perfect for high-quality, high-value products. They have a natural and genuine look and feel, which they preserve, use after use.

Different greaseproof solutions

Our premium Greaseproof Range features many different solutions, each one unique in its own right, thanks to a diverse color offer, with remarkable features. From the Tintoretto range – different papers available in gesso, ivory or pearl – to Nature paper. From the Laid Corolla in white or ivory to the Constellation Snow Vergata.

And finally, Mineral Paper, a new addition made with stone powder. Very similar to traditional cellulose paper, with a soft velvety touch, it is highly resistant to tear. The mineral charges naturally present on the surface make it highly resistant to oils and greases.

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