Sustainable technology and unmatched performance

Made entirely from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, this material allows also an improvement in the environmental-footprint indicators measured with the use of our LCA tools.

Our commitment as a Group to a sustainable development journey

Revolutionising retail decoration

Ideal for any retail need, such as point of sale displays, window decorations, and indoor panels, this product ensures high-quality results with the added benefit of easy application and removal, thanks to its ultra-removable acrylic adhesive.

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Effortless application and clean removal

Our F-Jet Natural Fibers features an ultra-removable acrylic adhesive that ensures easy application and residue-free removal on a variety of surfaces including glass, Forex, Alubond (aluminium) and cardboard. Designed for use up to 3-4 weeks, this product simplifies the process of updating promotional materials, making it ideal for short-term indoor advertising and retail needs.

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