The new Pulp #24 is about minimalism, screen printing and independent magazines

Number 24 of the four-month Pulp takes readers on an exciting journey through the most innovative approaches to printing, packaging and the use of high quality paper and self-adhesives.
An in-depth look at high-end skincare products and perfumes, shows how more and more brands in the beauty segment focus on the minimalist style of packaging and labels, while still creating a sophisticated and refined aesthetic, to underline the premium quality of the products.

The knowledge of the Swiss mastermind Lorenz Boegli reveals his extraordinary approach to serigraphy: his fine and high value works are constantly requested by the creative directors of the most important brands worldwide. We talk about recyclability in the article that deals with the lamination or plasticization process, where Chiara Medioli Fedrigoni shows examples of sustainable solutions.

It is interesting to find out how independent printed magazines are experiencing a moment of particular vivacity and evolution, as described by the editor Mark Sinclair; finally we find a report of the sessions of the jury which analyzed the works nominated for the Top Award, presenting some of them awarded by the competition.