Elevate your packaging with our enhanced Cotone collection

Cotone Bianco, Cotone Extra White, Cotone Nero Felt, and Cotone Nero Intense have long been favored choices in luxury packaging, leaving a lasting impression on your packaging designs.

To offer an even more versatile range of textures and materials to meet your needs, we’re proud to introduce our latest additions to the collection:


– Cotone Bianco Sabbia: born in Fabriano, this 100% natural cotton paper features a unique rough felt texture, delivering a tactile sensation combined with an exquisite cotton aesthetic.
– Cotone Essenza: a chlorine-free pure cellulose paper combined with 5% natural cotton fibers, felt marked and with an ULTRA WS treatment for enhanced versatility.
– Cotone Bianco Neck Label, with increased performances.

Let’s explore this range exceptional characteristics:
– Thanks to their high grammage and textured surfaces, they excel even with the bravest embossing and debossing techniques.
– Treated with advanced Ultra WS and Barrier technologies, they guarantee superior performances in the ice buckets.
– Our cotton fibres are a byproduct of the textile industry, therefore highly reducing the environmental impact of these self-adhesive papers.

Each variant in the Cotone range encapsulates these attributes, promising exceptional labelling solutions while upholding our commitment to sustainability and innovation.