A growing range of sheet materials with Fedrigoni’s premium papers

Sheets Exclusive Collection was born thanks to the synergy of the divisions of the Fedrigoni Group: a self-adhesive sheet range that makes exclusive use of some premium Fedrigoni papers, such as coated, uncoated, colored, recycled and textured, all FSC® certified. 
Self-adhesive materials suitable for a variety of applications, especially manual ones, and particularly suitable for luxury prototypes and limited editions. Materials suitable for both Offset and Digital printing, printable with dry and liquid toner.
These solutions find their application for labeling in the logistics and office sector, in the food and beverage market up to stickers and toys market. In addition, for packages containing valuable goods, specific technologies can be used to create security labels, which highlight any attempts of counterfeiting or tampering.
Sheets Exclusive Collection features a wide variety of self-adhesive solutions, making it one of the most comprehensive on the market.