Fedrigoni announces a new industrial partnership with a specialty paper mill in China and the acquisition of an R&D Centre in France

The agreement will enable us to expand our product portfolio in the world of specialty papers and increase our presence in Asia, where we already have an extensive distribution network in China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia and Bangladesh. As part of the deal, Fedrigoni granted a convertible loan against a purchase option that gives our Group the possibility to take over the company in the coming years.

The acquisition of the R&D Centre in Grenoble will enable us to accelerate our testing and prototyping capabilities in the world of RFID, printed electronics and advanced research on paper substrates. The areas of application are numerous in both the self-adhesive labels and packaging markets: from solutions to protect brands from counterfeiting, to the traceability of products and goods, including for sustainability purposes (e.g. monitoring transport-related CO2 emissions), to the ability to offer consumers a personalised experience with the product and packaging through digital interactions.