An increasingly wide, premium and responsible offer for the food sector

A market as diverse as the food industry requires specific, high-performance products that comply with many regulations and cover every need.

Thanks to our many technologies, we have a range of self-adhesive materials that can be applied to any type of packaging, including flexible and squeezable packaging (e.g. mayonnaise tubes) and rough or irregular packaging (egg cartons), through to customised packaging designed to communicate effectively with the consumer.

From fine wines to gourmet foods: our materials, thanks to the synergy with the specialty papers produced by the Fedrigoni Group, are also suitable for any type of premium application where the use of highly creative ennobling and graphic solutions is massive. In this regard, the use of RFID tags is crucial to trace the product throughout the supply chain, ensuring its quality.

We also promote the reuse of materials, through raw materials with recycled content and low environmental impact solutions, increasingly eliminating the generation of waste.

The performance of materials and especially the readability of the label are essential factors in this market, whatever the field of application:
  • – direct or indirect contact with food
  • – resistance to cold, heat and temperature changes for all refrigerator/freezer products up to ready-to-eat single portions
  • – grease- and stain-resistant papers for jars and bottles containing oily and greasy substances
  • repeated opening and closing of packages to preserve the freshness of the contents
  • – variable data writing through the use of thermal printing